ngVLA Project Design Documents

The most significant ngVLA Project Design Documents can be found on this page. As a guide to the reader, the most fundamental, high-level documents that may be of general interest are highlighted with bold titles. This page will be updated periodically as new versions of design documents are released.

Science Documents

Document ID Version Title Authors Date C Operations Concept E. Ford et al. 2019-09-02 B Science Requirements (L0) E. Murphy et al. 2020-01-06 B Legacy Science Program E. Murphy et al. 2020-01-06 B Technical and Scientific Development Plan E. Murphy, R. Selina, K. Swift 2023-04-12 B Status Levels for New ngVLA PI Observing Modes J. Hibbard 2020-02-24 B Observing Modes Framework T. Hunter et al. 2022-08-31 B Observing Modes Calibration Strategy T. Hunter et al. 2022-08-31 B A Notional Reference Observing Program J. Wrobel & E. Murphy 2020-01-06 A A Notional Envelope Observing Program J. Wrobel, B. Mason, & E. Murphy 2020-08-26

Science Book

Additional information about the ngVLA Science Book can be found under the Science section of this website.

Document ID Version Title Date
Vol I ASP Monograph 7 Science with a Next Generation Very Large Array 2018

Reference Design

Please note that these Reference Design volumes are frozen as of 2019-08-06 and may be superseded. The latest versions of the documents included in this compendium can be found in the subsections below.

Document ID Version Title Date
Vol I A ngVLA Reference Design Volume 1: System-Level Design 2019-08-06
Vol II A ngVLA Reference Design Volume 2: Antennas & Antenna Electronics    2019-08-06
Vol III A ngVLA Reference Design Volume 3: Central Systems, Computing & Infrastructure 2019-08-06

System-Level Documents System Conceptual Design Report R. Selina et. al. 2022-08-22 C System Requirements (L1) R. Selina 2021-03-23 B Conceptual Design options & tradeoffs R. Selina et. al. 2022-08-05 C Assembly, Integration, and Verification (AIV) Concept C. Langley, J. Kern, S. Durand, E. Ford, R. Hiriart, J. Effland, M. Shannon, R. Long, V. Dhawan, R. Selina, T. Hunter, D. Dunbar, J. Bolyard, L. Leyba-Newton 2020-01-24 C Commissioning and Science Validation (CSV) Concept T. Hunter, W. Brisken, B. Butler, B. Clark, V. Dhawan, J. Hibbard, R. Hiriart, J. Kern, E. Murphy,
R. Selina, J. Wrobel
2020-02-05 D L0 Stakeholder Requirements L. Leyba-Newton, R. Hiriart, R. Selina, R. Treacy, L. Zuckerberg 2020-05-05 C System L1 Environmental Specifications R. Selina 2020-11-18 B System L1 EMC Compatibility and RFI Mitigation Requirements R. Selina 2020-11-19 D L0 Safety Requirements J. Bolyard 2021-12-29 B ngVLA System Electronics Specification  J.  Jackson 2022-06-13 B Preliminary System Architecture Description T. Küsel, R. Hiriart, M. Archuleta 2022-09-02 C Calibration Requirements C. Hales 2020-12-14 C Array Configuration: Technical Requirements B. Mason, C. Carilli, V. Rosero, B. Butler, E. Murphy 2022-08-31 C Array Configuration: Design Description C. Carilli, V. Rosero, B. Mason, B. Butler, J. Carilli, J. Wrobel, and C. Walker, E. Murphy 2022-08-31 A The Total Power Array Concept of Operations & System-Level Requirements B. Mason et al. 2022-05-06 B L1 Safety Requirements J. Bolyard 2021-05-05


Antenna & Antenna Electronics

Document ID Version Title Authors Date
1021006-REP-21-00000-001 1.3 Final Design and Prototype of ngVLA 18m Antenna (DRD-22) Tobias Will et al., mtex Antenna Technology 2022-03-11 A Antenna Coordinate Systems R. Selina, S. Sturgis 2020-07-02 D Antenna Technical Requirements (L2) D. Dunbar 2022-10-26 B ngVLA 18m Antenna Optics Definition R. Lehmensiek, W. Grammer, S. Sturgis 2020-09-29 B Front End: Technical Requirements (L2) W. Grammer 2022-08-09 C Front End: Conceptual Design Description W. Grammer 2022-07-26 B Cryogenic Subsystem: Requirements (L2) D. Urbain 2019-07-24 B Cryogenic Subsystem Design Description D. Urbain 2022-08-19 B Integrated Receiver Digitizer: Technical Requirements M. Morgan 2022-08-18 B Integrated Receiver Digitizer: Conceptual Design Description M. Morgan 2022-08-17 B DC Power Supply: Technical Requirements (L2) P. Lopez 2022-02-02 B DC Power Supply: Design Description P. Lopez 2022-02-08 A Bins, Modules, and Racks: Preliminary Technical Requirements (L2) D. Gerard, S. Sturgis, J. Allison 2019-07-17 B Bins, Modules, and Racks: Conceptual Design Description S. Sturgis 2022-05-27 B Antenna Electronics Environmental Control System: Requirements Specification (L2) S. Sturgis 2022-06-10 B Antenna Electronics Environmental Control System: Conceptual Design Description S. Sturgis 2022-06-01 C Water Vapor Radiometer Subsystem: Technical Requirements (L2) C. Hales 2022-02-02 C Water Vapor Radiometer: Design Description C. Hales 2022-05-31 B Short Baseline Array 6m Antenna: Technical Requirements (L2) D. Dunbar, R. Selina 2021-08-10
ngVLA6-0000-002-CDD-002 A ngVLA 6m Antenna: Concept Design Document G. Lacy


Central Systems, Computing & Infrastructure

Document ID Version Title Authors Date B Monitor and Control Hardware Interface Layer: Preliminary Technical Requirements W. Koski 2022-06-13 A Monitor and Control Hardware Interface Layer: Reference Design Description W. Koski and J. Baca 2019-07-17 B Local Oscillator Reference and Timing: Gen & Distr Technical Requirements W. Shillue 2022-05-30 B Local Oscillator Reference and Timing: Gen & Distr & ATF Design Description W. Shillue 2022-05-30   Local Oscillator Reference and Timing: ATF Technical Requirements W. Shillue 2022-04-04 B Central Signal Processor: Technical Requirements (L2) O. Ojeda, R. Lacasse, R. Selina, B. Carlson, M. Rupen, and M. Pleasance 2022-02-11 B Central Signal Processor: Conceptual Design Description O. Ojeda 2022-02-08 A.03 Computing and Software: Preliminary Requirements (L2) R. Hiriart 2022-06-09 C Monitoring and Control Concept R. Hiriart 2022-10-05 A Long Haul Fiber Workgroup: Preliminary Report D. Halstead, D. Hart, A. Erickson, W. Shillue, and R. Selina 2019-07-25 A Civil and Infrastructure Subsystems Requirements Specification R. Selina, T. Küsel, et al. 2022-03-29 A Civil & Infrastructure Subsystems: Design Description R. Selina, J. Carilli, M. Romero, K. Baker, C. Langley, et al 2022-05-03 B Land Acquisition and Regulatory Compliance: Scope and Requirements (L0) J. Bolyard 2019-09-06

Technical Management

Document ID Version Title Authors Date C Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) T. Kusel 2022-01-18 B Documentation Management Plan S. Leff 2020-03-22 C Configuration Management Plan T. Kusel 2021-05-24 C Requirements Management Plan R. Treacy, T. Kusel 2022-01-28 A System Architecture Modeling Plan T. Kusel 2021-03-15 C Product Breakdown Structure M. Archuleta 2022-11-02