ngVLA & SKA Engagement


SKA and ngVLA Antennas


The ngVLA and SKA projects are currently investigating a process to establish a scientific alliance that may result in an exchange of observing time across an unprecedented suite of cutting-edge telescopes spanning more than 3 orders of magnitude in observing frequency (50MHz – 116 GHz). Such an alliance will yield unparalleled capabilities for investigating the most pressing astrophysical problems of our time, including the formation and evolution of the Universe, galaxies, stars, and planets. While many details about the nature of any such scientific alliance remain to be resolved, both Observatories agreed they should be ambitious in exploring the possibilities of this type of arrangement in the future.

After a productive initial meeting, one tangible outcome was an agreement to hold a joint SKA/ngVLA science meeting in 2021.  Due to COVID-19, the meeting was held 1-5 of May 2023 in vibrant Vancouver, Canada. This conference brought together 310+ attendees. Their 60+ talks and 110+ posters laid out the cutting-edge science opportunities enabled by the three decades of frequency spanned by the Square Kilometer Array Observatory and the next-generation Very Large Array.