ngVLA Related White Papers

Listings of submitted science white papers related to the ngVLA


NAS Astro2020 APC White Papers

Principal Author Title Call Closed
McKinnon, Mark ngVLA: The Next Generation Very Large Array 07/10/19
Beasley, Tony Multiwavelength Astrophysics in the Era of the ngVLA and the US ELT Program 07/10/19

NAS Astro2020 Science White Paper Call

Principal Author Title Call Closed
Hunter, Todd Understanding Accretion Outbursts in Massive Protostars through Maser Imaging 03/11/19
Perlman, Eric Relativistic Jets in the Accretion & Collimation Zone : New Challenges Enabled by New Instruments 03/11/19
de Pater, Imke Potential for Solar System Science with the ngVLA: the Giant Planets 03/11/19
Wrobel, Joan Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Extragalactic Globular Clusters 03/11/19
Carilli, Christopher Imaging molecular gas in high redshift galaxies at <=1 kpc resolution 03/11/19
Harrington, Kevin The Extended Cool Gas Reservoirs Within z > 1 (Proto-)Cluster Environments 03/11/19
Perlman, Eric Kiloparsec-scale Jets: Physics, Emission Mechanisms, and Challenges 03/11/19
Bolatto, Alberto Cold Gas Outflows, Feedback, and the Shaping of Galaxies 03/11/19
Holland, Wayne Debris disks: Exploring the environment and evolution of planetary systems 03/11/19
Cicone, Claudia The hidden circumgalactic medium 03/11/19
de Kleer, Katherine Solar System Satellites: Key Science Enabled by the ngVLA 03/11/19
Kovetz, Ely Astrophysics and Cosmology with Line-Intensity Mapping 03/11/19
Fan, Xiaohui The First Luminous Quasars and Their Host Galaxies 03/11/19
Mroczkowski, Tony A High-resolution SZ View of the Warm-Hot Universe 03/11/19
Anderson, Loren HII Regions and the Warm Ionized Medium 03/11/19
Lopez-Rodriguez, Enrique Tracing the feeding and feedback of active galaxies 03/11/19
Darling, Jeremy Extragalactic Proper Motions: Gravitational Waves and Cosmology 03/11/19
Darling, Jeremy A Formaldehyde Deep Field 03/11/19
Oberg, Karin Astrochemical Origins of Planetary Systems 03/11/19
Isella, Andrea Observing Planetary Systems in the Making 03/11/19
Roettenbacher, Rachael High Angular Resolution Astrophysics: Resolving Stellar Surface Features 03/11/19
Nyland, Kristina AGN Feedback Driven by Jet-ISM Interactions on Sub-Galactic Scales: Opportunities for Advancement in the Next Decade 03/11/19
Fissel, Laura Studying Magnetic Fields in Star Formation and the Turbulent Interstellar Medium 03/11/19
Corsi, Alessandra Radio Counterparts of Compact Object Mergers in the Era of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy 03/11/19
Ginsburg, Adam Galactic center star formation & feedback: key questions 03/11/19
Maccarone, Thomas Populations of Black holes in Binaries 03/11/19
Santander, Marcos A Unique Messenger to Probe Active Galactic Nuclei: High-Energy Neutrinos 03/11/19
Chomiuk, Laura A Shocking Shift in Paradigm for Classical Novae 03/11/19
McGuire, Brett Lifting the Veil on Aromatic Chemistry: Complex Carbon Across the Stellar Life Cycle from Birth to the Afterlife 03/11/19
McGuire, Brett Closing Gaps in Our Astrochemical Heritage: From Molecular Clouds to Planets 03/11/19
Reid, Mark Science Opportunities with Long Baseline Radio Interferometry and Micro-arcsecond Astrometry 03/11/19
McGuire, Brett Revealing Chemical Evolution Throughout the Star-Formation Process 03/11/19
Carilli, Christopher Resolving the Radio Photospheres of Main Sequence Stars 03/11/19
Ford, K. E. Saavik AGN (and other) astrophysics with Gravitational Wave Events 03/11/19
Kierans, Carolyn Positron Annihilation in the Galaxy 03/11/19
Lorimer, Duncan Radio Pulsar Populations 03/11/19
Sahai, Raghvendra Probing Strong Binary Interactions and Accretion in Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars 03/11/19
Johnson, Megan The Next Generation Celestial Reference Frame 03/11/19
Sathyaprakash, Bangalore Multimessenger universe with gravitational waves from binary systems 03/11/19
Oppenheimer, Benjamin Imprint of Drivers of Galaxy Formation in the Circumgalactic Medium 03/11/19
Butler, Bryan Indirect Detection of Extrasolar Planets via Radio Wavelength Astrometry 03/11/19
Foley, Ryan Gravity and Light: Combining Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Observations in the 2020s 03/11/19
Margot, Jean-Luc The radio search for technosignatures in the decade 2020—2030 03/11/19
Bastian, Tim Radio Observational Constraints on Turbulent Astrophysical Plasmas 03/11/19
Plotkin, Richard Local Constraints on Supermassive Black Hole Seeds 03/11/19
Blecha, Laura Detecting Offset Active Galactic Nuclei 03/11/19
Law, Casey Radio Time-Domain Signatures of Magnetar Birth 03/11/19
Pope, Alexandra Simultaneous Measurements of Star Formation and Supermassive Black Hole Growth in Galaxies 03/11/19
Taylor, Stephen Supermassive Black-hole Demographics &Environments With Pulsar Timing Arrays 03/11/19
Moullet, Arielle Solar System’s minor bodies: the role of the ngVLA 03/11/19
Peeples, Molly Understanding the circumgalactic medium is critical for understanding galaxy evolution 03/11/19
Appleton, Philip Warm H2 as a probe of massive accretion and feedback through shocks and turbulence across cosmic time 03/11/19
Green, Joel Variability in the Assembly of Protostellar Systems 03/11/19
Leroy, Adam Physical Conditions in the Cold Gas of Local Galaxies 03/11/19
Matra, Luca Exocometary Science 03/11/19
Smith, J.D. The Chemical Enrichment History of the Universe 03/11/19
Kohno, Kotaro Exploration and characterization of the earliest epoch of galaxy formation: beyond the re-ionization era 03/11/19
Emonts, Bjorn The Radio Universe at Low Surface Brightness: Feedback & accretion in the circumgalactic medium 03/11/19
Su, Kate Probing Unseen Planet Populations with Resolved Debris Disk Structures 03/11/19
Civano, Francesca Cosmic evolution of supermassive black holes: A view into the next two decades 03/11/19
Murphy, Eric Unsolved Problems in Modern Astrophysics: Anomalous Microwave Emission 03/11/19
Osten, Rachel Advancing Understanding of Star-Planet Ecosystems in the Next Decade: The Radio Wavelength Perspective 03/11/19
Siemens, Xavier Physics Beyond the Standard Model With Pulsar Timing Arrays 03/11/19
Bower, Geoffrey Fundamental Physics with Galactic Center Pulsars 03/11/19
Friesen, Rachel Star-Forming Filaments and Cores in Molecular Clouds 03/11/19
Walter, Fabian The evolution of the cosmic molecular gas density 03/11/19
Weinberger, Alycia A Strategy for Understanding Planet Formation 03/11/19
Braatz, James H2O Megamaser Cosmology with the ngVLA 03/11/19
van der Marel, Nienke Dust growth and dust trapping in protoplanetary disks with the ngVLA 03/11/19
Lynch, Ryan The Virtues of Time and Cadence for Pulsars and Fast Transients 03/11/19
Gutermuth, Robert Dense Cores, Stellar Feedback and the Origins of Clustered Star Formation 03/11/19
Murphy, Eric Robustly Mapping the Distribution of Star Formation in High-z Galaxies 03/11/19
Kelley, Luke Multi-Messenger Astrophysics With Pulsar Timing Arrays 03/11/19
Monnier, John Imaging the Key Stages of Planet Formation 03/11/19
Chen, Bin Probing Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flares: New Perspectives from Radio Dynamic Imaging Spectroscopy 03/11/19
Gelfand, Joseph MeV Emission from Pulsar Wind Nebulae: Understanding Extreme Particle Acceleration in Highly Relativistic Outflows 03/11/19
Aalto, Susanne Extremely obscured galaxy nuclei — hidden AGNs and extreme starbursts 03/11/19
Murphy, Eric Towards a Theory for Star Formation on All Scales 03/11/19
Minchin, Robert Invisible Structures in the Local Universe 03/11/19
Thilker, David The Nature of Low-Density Star Formation 03/11/19
White, Stephen The Importance of Synoptic Solar Radio Observations 03/11/19
Airapetian, Vladimir Reconstructing Extreme Space Weather From Planet Hosting Stars 03/11/19
Pisano, D.J. Completing the Hydrogen Census in the Circumgalactic Medium at z~0 03/11/19