Astro2020 Science White Papers

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With the publication of the ngVLA Science Book,  we turned our focus to quickstarting the coordination of science white papers in response to the 2020 Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey (Astro2020) call issued by the National Academies.

To help facilitate coordination across the EM and GW communities, the NRAO and the ngVLA SAC curated a coordination website to compile and broadly disseminate science white paper topics and ideas, particularly those relevant to a next-generation Very Large Array (ngVLA).  The coordination website remains available for consultation but new submissions to it have been halted.

Astro2020 science white paper submissions to the National Academies have now closed.  Visit the National Academies website to access all submitted science white papers. 

Eighty-four of the science white papers mention the ngVLA.  Their titles, principal authors, and pdfs can be conveniently viewed.

The NRAO looks forward to working with the astronomy community and the National Academies to craft an exciting future that opens vast new discovery space and enables the highest impact science.