The ngVLA Science Book


A major deliverable in preparation of the Astronomy 2020 Decadal Survey will be the ngVLA Science Book. The book is being led by the ngVLA Science Advisory Council in consultation with the astronomical community at large and the ngVLA Project Scientist. The book will provide an extremely useful summary of the ngVLA Key Science Mission for Astro2020 panel members, as well as demonstrate the Project's firm handle on the associated technology requirements and cost.

Currently, we plan to publish the book through the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) under their monograph series. This will ensure both the entire book and individual chapters will be listed in the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System for maximum visibility to the Asto2020 panel members.  

An initial table of contents and a corresponding spreadsheet identifying potential lead authors (that will be updated regularly) can be found here for guidance.  If you would like to contribute a chapter, please contact the appropriate Science Working Group Chair and download the necessary template and instructions.