ngVLA Science Use Cases

The current list of all ngVLA Science Use Cases is given below. The initial list of Science Use Cases informed the ngVLA Reference Design, and the current list is informing the ngVLA Conceptual Design. Each ngVLA Science Working Group (SWG) has assembled a presentation featuring some of its current Science Use Cases.

The project will continue to receive and evaluate additional Science Use Cases as it progresses through the Conceptual Design Phase. If you are interested in submitting a new Science Use Case for consideration, please fill out the ngVLA Science Use Case Form, and submit it to the ngVLA Project Scientist (Dr. Eric J. Murphy) and the Co-Chairs of the appropriate ngVLA Science Working Group. An example of a completed ngVLA Science Use Case form is available.

Science Use Case List

A List of Submitted ngVLA Science Use Cases



Cradle of Life Science Cases

ID Title First Author
PF1 Resolved Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks Sean Andrews
PF2 Particle Evolution at the H2O Snowline Jonathan Williams
PF3 Characterizing Planet-Disk Interactions Paola Pinilla
PF4 Polarization of Protoplanetary Disks: The Dust Size and Porosity Distributions Brenda Matthews
PF5 Circumplanetary Disk Detection Zhaohuan Zhu
PF6 Disk Winds Ilaria Pascucci
AC1 Tracing the NH3 Snowline in Protoplanetary Disks: A Proxy for Water Edwin A. Bergin
AC2 Mapping the Organic Content in a Protoplanetary Disk Midplane Karin I. Öberg
AC3 Complex Molecules in Hot Molecular Cores/Corinos Maite Beltrán
AC4 Deuteration in Starless and Protostellar Cores Rachel Friesen
AC5 Prebiotic Chemistry Brett McGuire
AC6 Mapping Molecular Emission in the Near-Nucleus Coma of Comets Chunhua Qi
DD1 Imaging Structure and the Spatially Resolved Spectral Slope in Debris Disks Brenda Matthews
DD2 The Spectral Slope and Size Distribution of Grains in Debris Disks Brenda Matthews
DD3 The Content and Origin of Hydrogen in Nearby Cometary Belts Luca Matrà
ExoP1 Indirect Detection of Exoplanets Through Astrometry Brenda Matthews
ExoP2 Exoplanet Search with the ngVLA Salvador Curiel
SF1 Examining Disk Formation with the ngVLA John Tobin
SF2 Dynamics of Star-Forming Cores and Filaments at Galactic Scale James Di Francesco
SF3 Understanding Massive Star Formation through Maser Imaging Todd Hunter
SF4 Protostellar Multiplicity with the ngVLA John Tobin
SF5 Polarization Science with the ngVLA Chat Hull
SF6 Star Count Measurements of the SFR in the Galaxy with ngVLA Adam Ginsburg
SF7 Tracing Infall in High-Mass Protostellar Objects Maite Beltrán
SF8 Resolving the Structure and Dynamics of Jets from Young Stellar Objects and of the Youngest HII Regions Roberto Galván-Madrid
SF9 Imaging Winds from Massive Evolved Stars Tom Maccarone
SF10 Imaging Evolved Stars Lynn Matthews
SF11 Imaging Main Sequence Stars Chris Carilli
SF12 Understanding wind-magnetic field interaction via resolved imaging of hot stars’ magnetospheres Barnali Das
SF13 Characterizing the inhomogeneities in the supernovae shocks Poonam Chandra
SF14 Magnetic Field in Evolved Stars Fabrice Herpin
SS1 Spacecraft Telecommunications T. Joseph Lazio
SS2 Planetary Radar Marina Brozovic
SS3 Spacecraft Telecommunications T. Joseph Lazio
SS4 Saturn’s Rings Imke de Pater
SS5 Mapping Molecular Emission in the Near-Nucleus Coma of Comets Chunhua Qi 
SS6 Giant Planet Atmospheres Imke de Pater
SS7 Synchrotron Radiation from Giant Planets Imke de Pater
SS8 Surface Emission from Small Bodies in the Solar System Arielle Moullet
SS9 Atmospheric Dynamics in the Solar System M.A. Cordiner
SPI1 Extrasolar Space Weather Gregg Hallinan
SETI1 ngVLA Science Use Case: CoL: SETI 1 Steve Croft
SUN1 Solar Coronal Magnetography Tim Bastian
SUN2 Imaging Spectroscopy of Solar Flares I: Coherent Emissions Tim Bastian
SUN3 Imaging Spectroscopy of Solar Flares II: Incoherent Emissions Tim Bastian
SUN4 Structure and Dynamics of the Quiet Solar Atmosphere Tim Bastian
SUN5 Solar Wind Studies Tim Bastian



Galaxy Ecosystems

ID Title First Author
NGA1 Physics of Radio Jet-ISM Feedback Kristina Nyland
NGA2 Atomic Hydrogen in the Local Universe Fabian Walter
NGA3 Radio Continuum Emission from Galaxies: An Accounting of Energetic Processes Eric Murphy
NGA4 Black Hole Accretion Probed by Linear and Circular Polarimetry Christopher A. Hales
NGA5 A High-Resolution Kinematic View of Nearby Galaxy Nuclei Betsy Mills
NGA6 Star Formation in a Range of Extreme Physical Environments Kelsey Johnson
NGA7 Direct Measurements of Density and Temperature in Star-Forming Gas Tony Wong
NGA8 Parsec-Scale Cold Gas Structure Across the Whole Local Galaxy Population Adam Leroy
NGA9 A Complete Line Survey and Sub-Pc Map of Every Local Group Molecular Cloud Adam Leroy
NGA10 Gas Density Across the Local Universe Adam Leroy
NGA11 Thomson Scattering Frazer Owen
NGA12 Accurate Massive Black Hole Mass Kristina Nyland
NGA13 How Do Cold Galaxy Outflows Shape Galaxies? Alberto Bolatto
NGA14 The Definitive Census of the Molecular ISM in the Milky Way Erik Rosolowsky
NGA15 Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Cluster Systems Joan Wrobel
NGA16 Measuring Galaxy Dynamics and Evolution: Stellar SiO Maser Astrometry in the Galactic Bulge Lorant Sjouwerman
NGA17 Galaxy Proper Motions Tom Maccarone
NGA18 Maser Studies in Distant and Nearby Galaxies Andrea Tarchi
NGA19 Beholding massive star cluster formation and feedback across the local universe Jiayi Sun
NGA20 Imaging the Radio Recombination Lines from M15's Planetary Nebula Joan Wrobel
NGA21 Multimple Absorption Sightlines Through Dark Matter a Halo Joan Wrobel



Galaxy Formation

ID Title First Author
HiZ1 Cold Gas in High-z Galaxies 1: The Molecular Gas Budget Chris Carilli
HiZ2 Cold Gas in High-z Galaxies 2: CO as Redshift Beacon Chris Carilli
HiZ3 Cold Gas in High-z Galaxies 3: The Dense ISM Roberto Decarli
HiZ4 [CII] 158um Line Emission from z=15 to 20 Galaxies Chris Carilli
HiZ5 Mapping High-z CO Gas Eric Murphy
HiZ6 Low-Surface-Brightness CO Emonts
HiZ7 Continuum Surveys Amy Barger
HiZ8 Observing AGN Feedback over Cosmic Time Through Deep, Individual Observations Katherine Alatalo
HiZ9 Investigating Quasar Mode Feedback Through the SZ Effect Mark Lacy
HiZ10 Probing Obscured MBH Accretion and Growth at Cosmic Dawn Kristina Nyland
HiZ11 Black Hole Accretion Probed by Linear and Circular Polarimetry Christopher A. Hales
HiZ12 Observing Magnetized Galaxy Evolution at z<0.5 and Beyond Christopher A. Hales
HiZ13 Particle Acceleration Regions in Hot Spots  Monica Orienti



Time-Domain, Cosmology, Fundamental Physics

ID Title First Author
TDCP1 Galactic Center Pulsars Geoffrey C. Bower
TDCP2 Gravitational Wave Follow-Up Gregg Hallinan
TDCP3 Missing Document Jeremey Darling
TDCP4 Measuring H0 with Megamasers Using the ngVLA Jim Braatz
TDCP5 Dual Active Galactic Nuclei Sarah Burke-Spolaor
TDCP6 Weak Lensing with CO Galaxies Philip Bull
TDCP7 Pulsar Timing and Gravitational Waves NANOGrav collaboration
TDCP8 Cosmic Explosions and Collisions in the ngVLA Era Alessandra Corsi
TDCP9 Missing Document Christopher Jacobs
TDCP10 A High Latitude Survey of Molecular Gas during the Epoch of Peak Star Formation Garrett K. Keating
TDCP11 Exploration of Molecular Gas During the Epoch of Reionization Garrett K. Keating
TDCP12 Fast Radio Bursts Casey Law
TDCP13 Missing Document Matt Lister
TDCP14 Missing Document Frazer Owens
TDCP15 Broad-Band Radio Light Curves of Relativistic Jets in X-Ray Binaries Gregory R. Sivakoff
TDCP16 Blazar Imaging: From Parsec to Kiloparsec Scales Frank Schinzel
TDCP17 X-ray Binary Astrometry Tom Maccarone
TDCP18 Ejected Black Holes Laura Blecha
TDCP19 Astrometric Constraints on a Massive Black Hole Binary in NGC4472 Joan Wrobel
TDCP20 Surveying the sky using VLBI on the ngVLA Jack Radcliffe