The ngVLA Memo Series

A series of technical and scientific memos related to the ngVLA are continually being published in the ngVLA memo series. 
General Memos
Technical Memos (Antenna)
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ngVLA-J Memos (ngVLA-Japan Memo Series)


General Memos

Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
1 Fast Switching Phase Calibration At 3mm at the VLA Site C. L. Carilli 06/01/15
2 Calibration Strategies for the Next Generation VLA B. Clark 07/16/15
3 Possible Configurations for the ngVLA B. Clark, W. Brisken 07/31/15
4 The Concept of a Reference Array for ngVLA F. Owen 09/03/15
5 Science Working Groups Project Overview C. L. Carilli, et al. 10/23/15
6 Science Working Group 1: The Cradle of Life A. Isella, et al. 10/23/15
7 Science Working Group 2: "Galaxy Ecosystems" : The Matter Cycle in and Around Galaxies A. K. Leroy, et al. 10/23/15
8 Science Working Group 3: Galaxy Assembly through Cosmic Time C. M. Casey, et al. 10/23/15
9 Science Working Group 4: Time Domain, Fundamental Physics, and Cosmology G. C. Bower, et al. 10/23/15
10 Considerations for a Water Vapor Radiometer System B. Clark 12/08/15
11 Imaging Capabilites: Protoplanetary Disks Comparison of ngVLA, JVLA, ALMA C. L. Carilli, L. Ricci, P. Barge, B. Clark 04/08/16
12 The Strength of the Core C. L. Carilli 10/14/16
13 Image Capabilities: High Redshift CO C. L. Carilli, Y. Shao 03/13/17
14 Short Spacing Considerations for the ngVLA D. T. Frayer 06/08/17
15 Galaxies into the Dark Ages C. L. Carilli, E.J. Murphy, A. Ferrara, P. Dayal 06/08/17
16 More on Synthesized Beams and Sensitivity C. L. Carilli 06/19/17
17 ngVLA Reference Design Development & Performance Estimates R. Selina, E. Murphy 07/18/17
18 Summary of the Science Use Case Analysis R. Selina, E. Murphy, A. Erickson 07/26/17
19 Key Science Goals for the Next Generation Very Large Array (ngVLA): Report from the ngVLA Science Advisory Council ngVLA Science Advisory Council 08/02/17
20 Next Generation Low Band Observatory: A Community Study Exploring Low Frequency Options for ngVLA G. Taylor, et al. 08/11/17
21 ngVLA Sensitivity B. Butler, W. Grammer, R. Selina, E. Murphy, C. Carilli 06/26/19
22 Sub-Nanosecond Time Accuracy and Frequency Distribution through White Rabbit Ethernet C. van Tour, J. C. J. Koelemeij 09/04/17
23 Smart Energy Cryo-Refrigerator Technology for the Next Generation Very Large Array J. Gardiner, et al. 09/01/17
24 Advanced Cryocoolers For Next Generation VLA L. R. D'Addario 09/29/17
25 Exploration of Suitable Mounts for a 15m Offset Antenna Next Generation Very Large Array NRC 15m Mount M. Fleming 10/23/17
26 ngVLA Technical Study Offset Gregorian Antenna D. Chalmers, G. Lacey, M. Islam, M. Fleming, L. Baker 10/23/17
27 Various Suitable Mounts for an 18m Antenna M. Fleming, R. Schultz, D. Enterline 10/30/17
28 Host Galaxies and Relativistic Ejecta of Compact Binary Mergers in the ngVLA Era A. Corsi, et al. 10/31/17
29 An Integrated Receiver Concept for the ngVLA M. Morgan, S. Wunduke 11/06/17
30 ngVLA Dynamic Range W. D. Cotton, J. J. Condon 11/07/17
31 Quantifying the ngVLA's Contribution to Exo-Space Weather: Results of a Community Studies Report R. A. Osten, M. K. Crosley 11/13/17
32 ngVLA Community Studies Report: Feed and Receiver Development at NRC Herzberg L. Locke, L. B. G. Knee, F. Jiang, V. Reshetov, L. A. Baker 11/14/17
33 Investigating the Early Evolution of Planetary Systems with ALMA and the Next Generation Very Large Array L. Ricci, S.-F. Liu, A. Isella, H. Li 1/5/18
34 A Dedicated Pulsar Timing Array Telescope (a.k.a. "Pulsar Town") Robert Selina, Paul Demorest, Wes Grammer 05/15/18
35 Deep Fields at 8GHz C. L. Carilli, G. C. Jones, P. Sims 2/16/18
36 High-Power, High-Speed Photodiodes Joe C. Campbell 3/5/18
37 Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Cluster Systems J. M. Wrobel, J. C. A. Miller-Jones, K. E. Nyland, T. J. Maccarone 3/9/18
38 Subarray Processing for Projection-Based RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomical Interferometers M. C. Burnett, B. D. Jeffs, R. A. Black, K. F. Warnick 3/12/18
39 Thoughts on Transient Discovery Vikram Ravi 3/15/18
40 Revolutionizing Our Understanding of AGN Feedback and its Importance to Galaxy Evolution in the Era of the Next Generation Very Large Array K. Nyland, et al.  3/15/18
41 Initial Imaging Tests of the Spiral Configuration C. L. Carilli, A. Erickson 3/21/18
42 Pulsar Timing Array Requirements for the ngVLA S. Chatterjee, NANOGrav Collaboration 04/02/18
43 The ngVLA Short Baseline Array  B. S. Mason, R. Selina, A. Erickson, E. Murphy 04/18/18
44 Confusion Limited Surveys with the ngVLA Spiral W. D. Cotton, J. J. Condon 04/13/18
45 Polarization Calibration with Linearly Polarized Feeds Barry Clark 04/19/18
46 Ionized Gas in Globular Cluster Systems J. M. Wrobel, K. E. Johnson 05/01/18
47 Resolution and Sensitivity of ngVLA-RevB C. L. Carilli 05/23/18
48 ngVLA Radio Frequency Interference Forecast A. Erickson 07/01/18
49 Snapshot UV Coverage of the ngVLA: An Alternate Configuration R. Craig Walker 07/05/18
50 Imaging Cold Gas to 1 kpc Scales in High-Redshift Galaxies with the ngVLA Caitlin M. Casey, Desika Narayanan, Chris Carilli, Jaclyn Champagne, Chao-Ling Hung, Romeel Davé, Roberto Decarli, Eric J. Murphy, Gergo Popping, Dominik Riechers, Rachel S. Somerville, Fabian Walter 08/24/18
51 Taking a Census of Supermassive Binary Black Holes Karishma Bansal & Greg Taylor 10/05/18
52 The 2018 Eruption of Nova V392 Per: A Case Study of the Need for ngVLA Justin D. Linford, Joe S. Bright, Laura Chomiuk, Alexander J. van der Horst, & Rob P. Fender 11/20/18
53 Revealing the Galactic Population of Black Holes with the ngVLA Thomas J. Maccarone, Laura Chomiuk, Jay Strader, James Miller-Jones, Greg Sivakoff 11/26/18
54 Short Spacing Issues for Mapping Extended Emission: Milky Way Case Study J. A. Turner, P. Teuben, D. A. Dale 01/09/19
55 Taperability Study for the ngVLA and Performance Estimates Viviana Rosero 01/31/19
56 Radio Frequency Interference Cancellation, Appraisal, Detection, and Correction M. J. Lambert, B. Jeffs 02/01/19
57 Imaging the Distribution of Solids in Planet-Forming Disks Undergoing Hydrodynamical Instabilities with the Next Generation Very Large Array L. Ricci, M. Flock, D. Blanco, W. Lyra 02/05/19
58 μas Astrometry with the ngVLA Carl Melis 03/01/19
59 QAC: Quick Array Combinations with CASA P. Teuben 03/25/19
60 Image Dynamic Range Limits Arising from Visibility Errors C. A. Hales 02/21/19
61 Temporal and Spatial Tropospheric Phase Fluctuations at the VLA (and Beyond) and Implications for Phase Calibration C. A. Hales 03/07/19
62 Reserved    
63 Reserved    
64 High Dynamic Range Imaging C. L. Carilli 04/29/19
65 Sculpting of the Synthesized Beam and Image Fidelity Study of KSG 1: Imaging of Protoplanetary Disks V. Rosero 05/17/19
66 Exploring Regularized Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction for Stellar Imaging with the ngVLA   (Supplemental Material)  K. Akiyama & L. D. Matthews 09/30/19
67 Demonstration & Analysis of ngVLA core + Short Baseline Array Extended Structure Imaging (V2) B. Mason 1/08/21
68 Imaging the Dusty Substructures Due to Terrestrial Planets in Planet-forming Disks with the Next Generation Very Large Array S. K. Harter, L. Ricci, S. Zhang, Z. Zhu 11/12/19
69 Remote Service Station Study K. Renda, M. Luce, A. Erickson 12/06/19
70 RFI Mitigation for the ngVLA : A Cost-Benefit Analysis Urvashi Rau, Rob Selina, Alan Erickson 12/10/19
71 RFI Mitigation in the ngVLA System Architecture Rob Selina, Urvashi Rau, Rafael Hiriart, Alan Erickson 02/06/20
72 A Study of ngVLA Subarray Efficiency: Plains + Fractions of the Core V. Rosero 01/15/20
73 Preliminary ngVLA Observing Band Availability Estimate Bryan J. Butler 01/31/20
74 Channel Weights for the VLA CWVRs Bryan J. Butler 04/20/20
75 Image Corruption From Antenna Pointing Errors: Simulation Results (and Useful Teaching Tool) Christopher A. Hales 04/24/20
76 Subarray Selection for the Reference Observing Program Viviana Rosero 06/01/20
77 Fast Transients with the ngVLA C.L. Carilli, K. P. Mooley, E. Jiménez-Andrade, E. Murphy 06/09/20
78 High Resolution, Wide Field, Narrow Band, Snapshot Imaging C. L. Carilli, E. Murphy, V. Rosero, K. Mooley, E. Jiménez-Andrade, K. Golap, B. Butler 06/15/20
79 Synthesis of Optimal Estimators for Water Vapor Radiometry N. Towne 06/17/20
80 Quasar Wind SZ imaging with the ngVLA C. L. Carilli, M. Lacy. B. Mason, A. Chakraborty, S. Chatterjee 07/08/20
81 VLA Limits on Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in 19 Massive Globular Clusters J. M. Wrobel, K. E. Nyland 07/23/20
82 Configuration: Reference Design RevC.01 Description C. Carilli, J. Carilli, A. Erickson, E. Murphy, B. Mason, V. Rosero, B. Butler 08/28/20
83 Imaging Cold Gas in High-Redshift Galaxies with the ngVLA Desika Narayanan, Eric F. Jiménez-Andrade, Eric Murphy, Qi Li, Viviana Rosero 09/17/20
84 The NGVLA Long Baseline Array: Configuration Suggestions R. Craig Walker 10/04/20
85 Comparison of Alternative Configurations for the ngVLA Plains Subarray  Addendum V. Rosero, J. Carilli, C. Carilli, B. Mason 10/20/20
86 Imaging Evaluation of Two Mid Configurations C. L. Carilli, R. C. Walker, B. S. Mason, J. P. Carilli 02/19/21
87 Accessing Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in 728 Globular Star Clusters in NGC4472  J. M. Wrobel, T. J. Maccarone, J. C. A. Miller-Jones, and K. E. Nyland 05/04/21
88 Testing Photoevaporation and MHD Disk Wind Models Through Future High-Angular Resolution Radio Observations: the Case of TW Hydrae Luca Ricci, Sarah K. Harter, Barbara 04/09/21
89 Image Fidelity Study of KSG 3 (NGA8): Imaging Molecular Gas in Nearby Galaxies  Viviana Rosero 06/24/21
90 Astrometric Constraints on a Massive Black Hole Binary in NGC4472 J. M. Wrobel, T. J. W. Lazio 06/15/21
91 Status of the VLA CWVRs Bryan J. Butler 07/19/21

Computing Memos

Title Author(s) Date
1 Efficient Software Testing and Deployment for the ngVLA P. Brandt 03/27/20
2 Computing M&C Protocol Trade Study P. Brandt, R. Hiriart, R. Amestica 08/04/21
3 Software Requirements for RFI Management R. Amestica, R. Hiriart, P. Brandt 08/04/21
4 Size-of-Computing Estimates for ngVLA Synthesis Imaging S. Bhatnagar, R. Hiriart, M. Pokorny 08/10/21
5 High Performance Gridding M. Pokorny 08/31/21
6 Designing an ngVLA Dynamic Scheduler P. Brandt 09/13/21