ngVLA Science Showcase

Since 2015, the acronym ngVLA has appeared in 1100+ publications indexed in the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System. Selected publications, especially from early-career researchers, are being showcased in NRAO eNews articles. Those articles are collected below.
2024 Date Title Author(s)
Jan 19 Special Edition: Publications Mentioning ngVLA Surpass 1070 Eric Murphy
Feb 23 Constraining the SMBH - Host Galaxy Interplay Through the Millimeter Fundamental Plane Ilaria Ruffa, Timothy Davis & Jacob Elford
Mar 22 Complex Organic Molecules in Protoplanetary Disks Yoshihide Yamato, Shota Notsu & Yuri Aikawa
Apr 25 The Radio Halo of the Coma Cluster Matteo Murgia
May 31 Cold Molecular Gas in z > 6 QSO Hosts Melanie Kaasinen, Leindert Boogaard & Kevin Harrington
2023 Date Title Author(s)
Jan 6 Probing Rocky Planet Formation with the ngVLA Takahiro Ueda, Luca Ricci, Zachary Castro & Mario Flock
Feb 9 Searches for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with the ngVLA Cherry Ng
Mar 9 Extragalactic X-ray Binaries in Outburst Victoria Blackmon & Tom Maccarone
Apr 18 Imaging the M87 Shadow and Jet with the ngVLA + ngEHT Sara Issaoun & Dom Pesce
May 19 Observing Nearby Massive Protostars with the ngVLA Melvyn Wright
Jun 23 Time Domain and Structural Studies of Compact Symmetric Objects Tony Readhead & Sebastian Kiehlmann
Jul 27 Special Edition: Publications Mentioning ngVLA Surpass 1000 Joan Wrobel & Eric Murphy
Sep 7 Strong Gravitational Lensing as a Probe of Dark Matter Simona Vegetti
Oct 12 Enriching Inner Hot Jupiters with Heavy Elements Bertram Bitsch & Jingyi Mah
Nov 16 Unveiling Supermassive Black Hole Binaries Greg Walsh & Sarah Burke-Spolaor
Dec 14 Molecular Gas at the Core of Ionized Jets Esteban Araya, Emmanuel Sanchez-Tovar & Amisha Rane
2022 Date Title Author(s)
Jan 20 Small-Scale Radio Jets in Red Geyser Galaxies Namrata Roy & Emily Moravec
Feb 17 Late-time Radio Emission from SLSNe with the ngVLA Bunyo Hatsukade
Mar 17 Decelerating Jets from X-ray Binaries Alex Tetarenko, Francesco Carotenuto & Stephane Corbel
Apr 14 An ngVLA Avenue to Measure the Planet Formation Budget Jessica Speedie, Ruobing Dong & Richard Booth
May 13 Particle Acceleration in Runaway Stellar Bow Shocks Jakob Van den Eijnden, Payaswini Saikia & Shazrene Mohamed
Jun 9 Spectral Distortions of the Cosmic Microwave Background Dominik Riechers
Jul 14 Searching for Wandering Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in the Milky Way with the ngVLA Bryan Seepaul, Fabio Pacucci & Ramesh Narayan
Aug 18 Directly Detecting Low-Mass Planets as They Form Zhaohuan Zhu & Avery Bailey
Sep 15 Line Observations of Massive Star-forming Clouds Mika Juvela & Emma Mannfors
Oct 27 Unbiased Search for High-z Heavily Obscured AGNs with ngVLA Taiki Kawamuro & Claudio Ricci
Nov 28 Observing Quiescent X-ray Binaries on the Edge of Detection Donna dePolo
Dec 20 Relativistic Ejecta in Broad-lined Type Ic Supernovae Alessandra Corsi
2021 Date Title Author(s)
Jan 8 Wandering Massive Black Holes with the ngVLA Minghao Guo, Kohei Inayoshi, Tomonari Michiyama & Luis Ho
Feb 11 Witnessing Terrestrial Planet Formation with the ngVLA Sarah Harter & Luca Ricci
Mar 11 The Ultra-faint Radio Population and ngVLA Prospects Hiddo Algera, Dieuwertje van der Vlugt & Jacqueline Hodge
Apr 8 Radio Recombination Lines from Protostellar Jets with the ngVLA Luis Rodriguez
May 12 Outflows from Super Star Clusters in NGC253 Rebecca Levy & Alberto Bolatto
Jun 10 Tropospheric Composition and Circulation of Uranus Ned Molter & Imke de Pater
Jul 8 Molecular Gas in High Redshift Galaxies Jeff Shen & Allison Man
Aug 5 H2O Megamaser Cosmology & Black Hole Masses with the ngVLA Cheng-Yu Kuo & Jim Braatz
Sep 9 Neutron Star Jets Jakob van den Eijnden & Nathalie Degenaar
Oct 21 A Radio Continuum Measurement of Cosmic Star Formation Allison Matthews & Jim Condon
Nov 17 The Search for Pulsars in the Galactic Center Ralph Eatough & Pablo Torne
Dec 20 Diagnosing Dust Grain Survival in FU Ori Hauyu Baobab Liu
2020 Date Title Author(s)
Mar 6 Irradiated Molecular Chemistry in Planetary Nebulae Jesse Bublitz & Joel Kastner
Mar 25 Young Radio AGN in the ngVLA Era Pallavi Patil & Kristina Nyland
Apr 9 Building a Comprehensive Catalogue of Stellar Radio Spectra with the ngVLA Jacob White & Brenda Matthews
Apr 23 Salts as Tools for Stellar Disk Measurements with the ngVLA Adam Ginsberg & Brett McGuire
May 14 Charting the Evolution of the Cold Gas Content of Star-Forming Galaxies Back to the First Billion Years of Cosmic Time with the ngVLA Dominik Riechers & Riccardo Pavesi
Jun 18 Compact Binary Mergers with an ngVLA Dario Carbone & Alessandra Corsi
Jul 18 Cold Gas in Galaxies with the ngVLA Adam Leroy & Eric Murphy
Aug 20 The First Steps in Planet Formation via ngVLA Observations Nienke van der Marel
Sep 24 ngVLA & Newly-formed Jets Sjoert van Velzen
Oct 22 Technosignature Searches with the ngVLA Cherry Ng, Andrew Siemion, Steve Croft & Jill Tarter
Nov 19 Offset Supermassive Black Holes with the ngVLA Laura Blecha & Tom Maccarone
Dec 17 Fast Radio Bursts with the ngVLA Casey Law