ngVLA Science Showcase

Since 2015, the acronym ngVLA has appeared in 740+ publications indexed in the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System.  Selected publications, especially from early-career researchers, are being showcased in NRAO eNews articles.  Those articles are collected below.
Date Title Author(s)
3/9/2020 Irradiated Molecular Chemistry in Planetary Nebulae Jesse Bublitz & Joel Kastner
3/25/2020 Young Radio AGN in the ngVLA Era Pallavi Patil & Kristina Nyland
4/9/2020 Building a Comprehensive Catalogue of Stellar Radio Spectra with the ngVLA Jacob White & Brenda Matthews
4/23/2020 Salts as Tools for Stellar Disk Measurements with the ngVLA Adam Ginsberg & Brett McGuire
5/14/2020 Charting the Evolution of the Cold Gas Content of Star-Forming Galaxies Back to the First Billion Years of Cosmic Time with the ngVLA Dominik Riechers & Riccardo Pavesi
6/18/2020 Compact Binary Mergers with an ngVLA Dario Carbone & Alessandra Corsi
7/16/2020 Cold Gas in Galaxies with the ngVLA Adam Leroy & Eric Murphy
8/20/2020 The First Steps in Planet Formation via ngVLA Observations Nienke van der Marel
9/24/2020 ngVLA & Newly-formed Jets Sjoert van Velzen
10/22/2020 Technosignature Searches with the ngVLA Cherry Ng, Andrew Siemion, Steve Croft & Jill Tarter
11/19/2020 Offset Supermassive Black Holes with the ngVLA Laura Blecha & Tom Maccarone
17/12/2020 Fast Radio Bursts with the ngVLA Casey Law
1/8/2021 Wandering Massive Black Holes with the ngVLA Minghao Guo, Kohei Inayoshi, Tomonari Michiyama & Luis Ho
2/11/2021 Witnessing Terrestrial Planet Formation with the ngVLA Sarah Harter & Luca Ricci
3/11/2021 The Ultra-faint Radio Population and ngVLA Prospects Hiddo Algera, Dieuwertje van der Vlugt & Jacqueline Hodge
4/8/2021 Radio Recombination Lines from Protostellar Jets with the ngVLA Luis Rodriguez
5/12/2021 Outflows from Super Star Clusters in NGC253 Rebecca Levy & Alberto Bolatto
6/10/2021 Tropospheric Composition and Circulation of Uranus Ned Molter & Imke de Pater
7/8/2021 Molecular Gas in High Redshift Galaxies Jeff Shen & Allison Man
8/5/2021 H2O Megamaser Cosmology & Black Hole Masses with the ngVLA Cheng-Yu Kuo & Jim Braatz
9/9/2021 Neutron Star Jets Jakob van den Eijnden & Nathalie Degenaar
10/21/2021 A Radio Continuum Measurement of Cosmic Star Formation Allison Matthews & Jim Condon
11/17/2021 The Search for Pulsars in the Galactic Center Ralph Eatough & Pablo Torne