2021 ngVLA Summer Short Talk Series


The next-generation Very Large Array Science Advisory Council (SAC) is organizing a cycle of weekly short online talks over the summer that focus on timely open science questions. Talks are scheduled to be 20-25 min, with another 15-20 min reserved for questions from the audience. 

The goal of the series is to draw a contingent of early-career researchers and students who are interested in open astronomy problems by facilitating discussions on topics that are particularly important and/or timely covering a broad range of astronomy research areas, while also drawing connections to a present or future facilities (e.g., ALMA, JWST, SKA, ngVLA, the ELTs, LSST/Rubin, or a proposed NASA observatory). 

The talks will be held online via Zoom Thursdays at 2 pm EDT and recorded/archived (along with the Q&A sessions) here for broader viewing.  We ask that you please use the link below to register for the entire series (it is free!) so that you receive all necessary Zoom connection information.  


Please Click Here to Register for the Webinar Series