Erik Rosolowsky, Atomic Hydrogen at the Crossroads of Galaxy Evolution, August 12, 2021

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Galaxy evolution is shaped by internal processes and environmental effects, and we hope to understand the galaxy population we see today through understanding this mix of processes. In this talk, I will show how the atomic gas in a galaxy connects and traces several different processes at work in galaxy evolution. In particular, I will present high resolution observations atomic gas in Local Group galaxies made with the Jansky Very Large Array. With these new three-dimensional spectral images, I will show how our research team is tracing the formation of star forming regions, measuring the inflow and outflow of gas from a galaxy, and characterizing turbulence in the interstellar medium. The amazing quality of these data is offering great insights about our nearest galactic neighbors, but with the ngVLA and the SKA we will be able to expand these studies across the galaxy population as a whole.