ngVLA Main Array

Main array panel

Credit: NRAO

Artwork • November 2nd, 2018

The Main Array Configuration of 214 Antennas and the SBA (in green). The ngVLA is envisioned as an array of 244 fixed antennas, each 18m in diameter and outfitted with front ends spanning 1.2 – 50.5 and 70 – 116 GHz. The array achieves high surface brightness sensitivity and high fidelity imaging on angular scales from ~ 1000 to 1 mas by having a large collecting area fraction randomly distributed in the compact array core, spiral arms extending out to 36km for snapshot imaging, and long baseline stations extending asymmetrically to ~1000km baselines that fill the (u,v)‐plane with Earth rotation and frequency synthesis. A long baseline array provide continental-scale extended baselines (8860km), while a a short baseline array of 19 antennas, each of 6m diameter, recovers large scale structure.